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Just remember that CHANGE is life. In each moment remain available to the new.

When people cling to the old, change stops. Change comes with the new. With the old there is no change, but people cling to the old because it seems secure, comfortable, familiar. You have lived with it, so you know it, you have become skillful in it, knowledgeable about it. With the new again you will be ignorant. With the new you may commit mistakes; with the new, who knows where it will lead? Hence fear arises, and out of this fear you cling to the old. And the moment you start clinging to the old, you have stopped flowing.

Remain available to the new. Always go on dying to the past. It is finished! Yesterday is yesterday, and it can never come back. If you cling to it you will be dead with it; it will become your grave. Open the heart to that which is coming. Welcome the rising sun, and always say good-bye to the setting sun. Feel grateful-it has given so much-but out of gratefulness, don’t start clinging to it. If you can remember this, your life will keep growing, maturing.

Each new step, each new adventure, brings new richness. And when the whole of life is a movement, by the time death arrives one is so rich, and has known something so tremendously of the ultimate, that death cannot take anything away. Death comes only to poor people–those who have not lived.


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